It’s the 5th of June 2019. 146 years back, the 5th of June 1873, my folks, grandparents came to Suriname with the first boat of immigrants, girmityas. The vessel was named “Lala Rookh” and conveyed 399 immigrants, who were either willingly on-board or assembled by power for an assorted variety of reasons. Sums of 34.304 girmityas were dispatched till 1926. 11.512 returned home to India, their town in Uttar Pradesh, where a large portion of the girmityas were selected. Incomprehensible, were the conditions, the social isolation and false guarantees, to the mind of children like me, who cry and sulk when we cut ourselves coincidentally. In spite of the fact that many had developed out of their miserable situation by starting their own businesses, many kept one thing in common. The disturbing sentiment of inclination misled and manhandled by psychological and physical conditions. 

As a young spiritual seeker I endeavor to recall in time and investigate why so many of us have a feeling of being a victim of society and in our relationship with each other including ourselves. Is it the action of our great- great grandparents, which we need to recover from? Why are so many of us still feeling the maltreatment for what reason would we say we are as yet the victim of false guarantees? Now, I’m not a historian, and I don’t have all the answers when it concerns the political monstrosities my par-adja or par-nana had to go through. Nor am I in a situation to try and consider the maltreatment my par-adji or par-nani had to go through due to the highly stressful situations of the men among them.

It is nevertheless an agonizing inclination, puncturing through my heart when I see comparable ‘issues’ hitting my age and the one after me. WE ARE BROKEN IN SOME WAY! What’s more, most of us have sought the path of spiritualism through religion, dharm, art, traditions and the famous good advice of Sadhguru, few have come out of the ‘karmic state’ left by our great-great grandparents whom were so thumped and misled, they lost their voice to talk regardless of whether they could.

My good acquaintances in Trinidad, who put such a great amount of exertion into improving the youth, who helped me reach their sanctuary, who fed me in their modest home, Krishnamurthy, the man behind the Shiva Gana Organization, doctor Visham Bhimull who continues battling for us, the young, so we may never end up astounded until the end of time by training the language we carried with us to the Caribbean, Bhojpuri. Also a recommendation to Professor Peggy Mohan and Mr. Motilall Marhe who did so much research into not only our language Bhojpuri, yet in addition on the best way to keep it alive as it is additionally being manhandled by political barbarities. All the previously mentioned individuals are conveying their part of spiritualism into improving our young generation. It is our decision whether we need to escape the agonizing cycle of resurrection into the pathway of our great – great grandparents. I suggest we let go of political flat reasons of why we are suffering so much in our own homes, and with suffering I mean, the daily painful feelings which make us feel victimized in our own shell. We are the offspring of the individuals who needed to endure so we wouldn’t need to. Much to their dismay that we do!

A free column by Priya J. Ramcharan
Paramaribo – Suriname

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