GCIDS 2017 – submitted papers

The conference will host academics from all over the world presenting challenging views on Indian Diaspora Studies. They will be covering subjects and topics from disciplines such as anthropology, economics, law, politics, sociology, geography, art and media, and history.

Over the course of the three days of the conference the following papers will be presented. Please note that these papers can be work in progress. A full overview of the bio’s of the authors and abstracts can be downloaded here

  1. Amrita Sen Traditional livelihoods and survival crisis: the politics of biodiversity conservation in Sundarban, West Bengal 
  2. Anita C. Nanhoe, Anita Chedi, Hemadrie D. Mathura-Dewkinandan and Sherita Thakoerdat – Acceptance of homosexuality among Hindustani in the Netherlands
  3. Anita C. Nanhoe, Danielle J.F.D. Kretz, Hemadrie D. Mathura-Dewkinandan and Sherita Thakoerdat – When marriage becomes a prison. The role of honor based mechanisms in cases of partner violence among Surinamese Hindustani in the Netherlands
  4. Anjana Sukumary – How Thai-Sikh diaspora students’ identity affects their participation in extracurricular activities at the university
  5. Annapurna Pandey Women and Religion in the Indian Diaspora
  6. Anushyama Mukherjee Understanding homeland/s and identities: a study of Barkas in Hyderabad 
  7. Apoorva Nanjangud – The known unknown: The ‘Bollywoodized’ imaginary of India among twice migrant communities in the Netherlands
  8. Arundhati SethiBleeding boundaries: mapping the destabilization of territorial regimes in Anup Singh’s partition film: Qissa: a tale of a Lonely Ghost
  9. Ashutosh Kumar – Indians against the indenture system
  10. Atinder Pal Kaur – Male migration and challenges to gender equality? A study of Doaba Region of Punjab
  11. Ayfara Herbonnet– Attitudes of Hindustani mothers towards child labour – The case of Nickerie Suriname 2017
  12. Brij Maharaj  Go home! Go home to Mumbai! The anti-Indian discourse in the post-apartheid era
  13. Chan E. S. Choenni – Indians and political marginalization; the case of Fiji, Guyana and Suriname
  14. Clelia Clini  – Representing partition: a British Asian perspective
  15. Crispin Bates and Linajyoti Medhi – Worker’s resistance and the end of indenture in Assam
  16. Crispin Bates, Marina Carter, V Govinden – The abolition of Indian indentured migration in Mauritius
  17. Des Bobby Luthra Sinha  – Of Ubuntu and the rainbow: how Indian South Africans create social institutions in the New South Africa
  18. Divya Balan – Re-reading the Banyan tree analogy: the everyday life of Indian diaspora in Europe
  19. Eviane Cheng Leidig – From Cyber-Hindutva to Ab Ki Baar Trump Sarkar: A Twitter analysis of Hindu diaspora support for the populist radical right
  20. Goolam VahedGokhale, Polak and the end of Indian indenture in Natal, South Africa
  21. Heena Mistry – Settler citizenship and indigeneity: Indians overseas and the claim to British imperial citizenship, 1918-1940
  22. Indra Boedjarath – Cultural scripts of suicide in the Indian diaspora
  23. Jaswina Elahi – Little informal institutions: traditional dances of the Surinamese Hindustani Community
  24. Johann Salazar – The gift of diasporic citizenship: the overseas citizenship of India scheme as a tool for nation-building
  25. Joy Prakash Chowdhuri – Social inequalities, governance and social justice in India
  26. Jwala Rambarran – Migration, diaspora, bonds and Suriname’s economic development. Tapping into the wealth of the Hindustani diaspora
  27. Ka-Kin Cheuk – Diasporic formation, sustained transience, and indifferent survival: Indian Sindhi traders in a local Chinese market
  28. Kalpana Hiralal – Indentured women in South Africa. Labour, survival, resistance and abolition 1860-1918
  29. Kamini Maraj Grahame and Peter R. Grahame – Reconfiguring identity in a transnational world: Indo-Trinidadians and the construction of Indianness
  30. Kamni Kumari – Diaspora as soft power: a case study of Indian Diaspora in the US
  31. Kapil Kumar – Challenging the myths and distortions of indenture history: the suppressed realities
  32. Koushiki Dasgupta – Reconciling boundaries and identities: the world of Bengali intellectualism in early 20th century America
  33. Madhuri Prabhakar – Poetry as resistance: hybridity and the ‘third space’ of Indian diaspora
  34. Manidipa Mistri – Understanding Indian diaspora: lifting the veil of diasporic crisis of dual identity
  35. Manoranjan Mohanty – Transnational Indian diaspora engagement and development: the transilient Fiji- Indian diaspora engagement and assimilation in transnational space
  36. Margriet-Fokken – To be considered foreigners no longer? Hindustani claims to citizenship in Suriname 1873-1921
  37. Maurits Hassankhan – The end of Indian Indenture and its impact on Suriname
  38. Megha Wadhwa – Tales of business entrepreneurs and professionals: exploring the working experiences of Indian immigrants in Japan
  39. Mohammed A. Kalam – Indian diaspora entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley and IT hubs and startups in South India
  40. Nalini Moodley-Diar – Post-Mandela; Post-Apartheid; Post-Colour Bar; Post-Coolie! Challenging POSTS through institutionalised self-realisation of Indians in South Africa: a case study
  41. Nare Galstyan – Engaging stateless and state-linked diasporas: what role does the homeland play?
  42. Narinder Mokhamsing – Girmitiya Culture: Music and Language Trends in Indian diaspora
  43. Praveen Singh – Floriculture as an emerging tool for women empowerment: a case study of Himalchal Pradesh
  44. Prinisha Badassy – A tissue of lies: crimes of unlawful carnal knowledge and indecent assault by Indian domestic servants, colonial Natal
  45. Purvi MehtaAnti-caste activism by the Dalit diaspora in the United States, 1970-2000
  46. Rachel Kurian and Kumari JayawardenaEthnicity and class division in Sri Lankan politics: gains and losses for plantation workers in the post-indenture period 
  47. Rana P. Behal – Labour resistance in indentured plantations in Assam valley
  48. Rewa Singh – Indo-Fijians in Fiji: their acceptance to Pacific way of life and retention of their cultural heritage
  49. Rita Cachado and Inês Lourenço – Hindu-Gujarati diaspora in Portugal: the case of Our Lady of Fatima devotion
  50. Romina Rossi – Thinking the “maternal”: a psycho-anthropological perspective on motherhood among Hindu migrants settled in Rome
  51. Roshni Sengupta – From karwa chauth to active Hindutva: Bollywood and the makings of a Hindu ‘designer’ diaspora
  52. Sadish Dhakal – F1 race (the other kind): how the industry of international education provides a pathway to permanent migration
  53. Saikat Ghosh – Is the Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) in India able to address its targeted audience?
  54. Sandip Mondal – Double-exposure of authoriality in The Guru
  55. Sarojini Lewis – Traces of Bhojpuri female migrants in Surinam, interpretations & explorations of archival photographs
  56. Satya Yadav – Diaspora, dedication and development (3D): Indian perspective
  57. Sheetal Bhoola and Anad Singh – Title: Gujerati women expatriates from the United Kingdom in contemporary South Africa, Durban
  58. Sherry-Ann Singh – Cultural nationalism and Hindusim in Trinidad
  59. Shubham Singh – Transnational ethnoscape of the contemporary Indian Jewish diaspora in Jael Silliman’s The Man with Many Hats
  60. Simant Shankar BhartiViolence against women in India: an intersectional approach to human rights
  61. Sudheesh Bhasi – ‘Rough and tough’ pilgrims and ‘decent’ pilgrims: class and aspiration in a growing Hindu pilgrimage cult in Malaysia
  62. Susan J. Chand and David T. Chand – Practicing Indian culture in a foreign land: a case of national identity and bonding
  63. Tina Dulam and Philip Hans Franses – How to gain brain for Suriname
  64. Vidya Ramachandran – Privileged Hybrids: examining ‘our own’ in the Indian-Australian diaspora
  65. Vladmir Ferreira, Clementina Furtado, Andre C. Tolentino,Arlindo Fortes and Antonio de Graca – A nation born in the XV century: trajectories and trends of a migrated people





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